Wetland Consulting

SPE works with landowners to provide environmental solutions to common and uncommon issues. Services include: Assessments, Delineations with USACE Verification, 404 Permitting, Mitigation Design and Implementation, Critical Area Dock Permits, etc. 

Endangered Species Consulting

SPE provides expert support to landowners when encounters with federal and state protected species becomes an issue on development projects. SPE will conduct surveys and Section 7 Consultations with Federal and State Agencies.

Wildlife Management

SPE provides a long list of wildlife management services from Wildlife Management Plans, Habitat Management, and population assessment to food plot design & implementation and waterfowl impoundment design & Implementation.

Forest Management

SPE provides complete forest management assistance to landowners and municipalities to include Forest Management Plans, Timber Harvesting and Marketing, Site Preparation, Thinning, Pine Straw Management and Marketing, Reforestation, Prescribed Burning, etc.