The outdoors runs deep within the roots of this Carolina outdoor enthusiast. As a young boy, Jeff Burleson trampled the woods and paddled the waters alongside his father and two older brothers.

Burleson's love for nature and the outdoors, fueled his outdoor hobbies and directed his studies towards a Bachelor's of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences in 1996 from N.C. State University. Since college, Burleson has held several positions with a variety of government and private entities practicing forestry, wetland consulting, wildlife management, endangered species consulting, and other natural resources duties.

Currently, Burleson practices as the principal for Southern Palmetto Environmental Consulting, LLC as a wetland professional, certified wildlife biologist, and professional forester. His clients take him to projects all over North and South Carolina.

In the wetland consulting field, his coverage area and expertise has given him a wide range of experience with small individual clients and corporate clients to governmental agencies. Personally, he has secured over 2,000 federal/state permits and/or wetland verifications in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Northern Georgia.

In the forest management field, Burleson has worked on all sides of a forestry transaction for almost 20 years from the procurement end of the forest products industry and running logging contractor with timber companies to now representing landowner interests. His experience within all facets of this industry is paramount and allows his clients to receive professional results. He has been a professional registered forester by the State Licensing Boards for well over a decade.

In the wildlife consulting field, the Wildlife Society recognized Burleson several years ago as a Certified Wildlife Biologist due to his extensive training and expertise within the wildlife biology field. He has worked with countless landowners with a wide variety of wildlife management duties from food plots and waterfowl impoundments to habitat management and wildlife management plans. For the past decade, Burleson has served the nation as an avid outdoor journalist and photographer. He has produced and sold well over 1,000 articles to national and regional publications about hunting, fishing, food plots, pond management, forest management, wildlife management, etc. His credits include article in South Carolina Sportsman's Magazine, North Carolina Sportsman's Magazine, Tideline Magazine, NWTF Turkey Call, S.C. Game and Fish Magazine, Center Console Angler, and a few others. Coming out in 2014, Burleson will debut his first book, called N.C. Whitetails, co-wrote with legendary outdoor journalist, Dan Kibler. His new book will cover food plots, deer biology, habitat management, etc.


Jeff Burleson, Owner

Certified Wildlife Biologist

Registered Forester in N.C. & S.C.